Ugh.  So I got creamed at 1-5 at Foxwoods last Saturday.  I should have seen the bad juju coming when 100 or so of my colleagues were displaced, friends were having accidents, and I was sporting a month long headache, but stubborn is stubborn so I went, 10AM to 10PM.  Blech.

It was just bad luck, and in my own defense I will say that a worse player would have lost 5x as much money in the same amount of time, which was approximately 8 hours of playing.  Missed flushes, cruddy cards, beat made hands, yadda yadda yadda, it happens, but not usually so slowly, and all in the same session.  I was reading hands alright, but it still wasn’t working out.  One lost hand got down to the 5th card.  We both had AA, both had a king (damn) , both had nines, then I had a 7 and he had an 8.  So WTF.  The betting was rather spastic, or aggressive if you prefer, but that did not help in this case where I was losing over and over.

I did tear myself away at one point, ate dinner, but then, refreshed, I went back for more!  My rolled 5’s, only rolled hand of the day, lost to a player who put in his last dollar and made his flush.  Yay!  Started having those thoughts about the automatic shufflers being broken and/or haunted. Eventually I gave up.

I exercised pretty good tilt control against one of the worst  players I have ever seen.  Sometimes one says “So-n-so plays every hand” but this woman really did.  I saw her drop $200 in no time, but then won $300, all with the same foolish non-existent hand selections.  I rarely change tables at a live game but when I saw three 7’s come out for her, I had to leave.  Thankfully she was whittled down to nothing again.  I guess I was her lucky charm.

I will probably do the poker hissy and head to Mohegan Sun next, because I’m mad at the haunted card shufflers at Foxwoods, but also, because the players at MS are even worse.  I’ll be able to try more Monday tournaments; now that I’m in a new job I can get Mondays off a bit easier.

I was just an innocent bystander…it’s a democracy.


Over & over in life, I’ve learned that some mistakes just need to be made before you learn from them. Even though you know you are making a mistake, once you go through the process, you’ll have the muscle memory of the error, and so when the next time to flub up comes around, you will already have the wax-on, wax-off moves in motion, preventing you from fucking up again. And so, yes, things did not go so well at the tournament, but I’m pleased with myself for having condensed pretty much all of the possible errors I could have made into one, economical event.

Some random categories then…

Game Observations: Lots of ladies played this event. One decent level headed nlhe player commented that he had never, ever seen so many women at a tournament table. Lots of locals, the professionally unemployed, and New Jersey types, people wearing their “I knocked out a pro on FTP” shirts and other dumb crap. I suppose that was one mistake I did not make: dressing like a dork.

A strange new problem for me. Some of the “better” players did a lot of jamming early on with weak pairs. This worked on me against my kings. Dude is re-raising me with a pair of fours. And he gets a third one on sixth. My kings weren’t entirely dead; only one was out, but maybe he had the remaining one. I can’t say I’m going to start re-raising with pocket fours just yet, but maybe against weak players, like myself, I will.

Game Errors Well lets see. The worst was my playing past 5th with draws too often, and didn’t bluff with my failed draws enough. A lot of the Sopranos extras liked to drive over the old ladies and I suppose I fell into the old lady category too. I only let this happen once, but it was enough for me to illustrate myself as someone who will fold under pressure. My once attempt at shaking this perception was a raising war between and a bulimic meth head. I had a queen high straight, one of my few made hands, but that ended up losing to a flush, on 7th of course.

And that was another major error. Being self-involved. With that queen high straight, I had taken so many beatings previously that I could barely see straight. I knew on seventh I should just bet/call, and maybe, maybe check, LOOK to see if I’m dealing with some major BS, but I just wanted it done. So I didn’t see the flush. The girl didn’t either. She had just 2 pair all along, which I knew, but she fell ass backwards into the flush. Later I did take down both her and the Soprano via an Ace-nine high flush, which I was really cry calling because she was showing a possible Ace-King flush. Come seventh I’m afraid to look up, NJ bully announces “King high flush,” the girl is silent, and I get shipped a huge pot! Yay highlight of the day. I actually gasped for air, like a pro lol.

Sometime after this came the pair of fours, turning into a set of fours jamming. I lost a lot here. One thing I did last time that I didn’t do this time was keep a constant tally of my chips. I probably would have backed off a street earlier if I knew I was already so low, but, fours? I don’t know, as much as you don’t want to be known as a stubborn turkey, do you want everyone to know you’ll fold your kings if they represent?

After that, if was just more bad luck. Tried to knock out a girl with an Ace-King-eight flush draw. Nothing. Got it all in with another Ace-King-nine flush draw. I get a pair of sevens. Dude starts with nothing and gets threes and fours. The end.

I suppose, looking back, I didn’t play super bad. A lot of shit cards, 2 really good players at my first table, stayed in too long a few too many times, brought in a lot. The biggest mistake was getting bullied one time. This was super early, so not a huge amount of chips, but it bent me mentally. I knew the players who were going to get all jammie and I avoided them, a few times when I shouldn’t have. I could put them on steals, even if it wasn’t my bring in, but should you get stubborn with a 3 card straight draw?

Regional Lifestyles and Customs: There are a lot of bad hard drugs in Southern CT, and a lot of drunks too. Too close to Long Island. And the cheesecake at the buffet blows. Made of ground up styrofoam and cremora. The dealers were great as always, very polite and always on my side.

I guess I had a good time. My cash game went very well so it wasn’t a total washout. Perhaps I should have taken the tournament more seriously, tried to look scarier? Whatever. For a $230 event I got a great education. Maybe Foxwoods in the Fall, but for now, its back to cash and Juniors Cheesecake.

Do I Stink?

Do I Stink?

Brutal, brutal weekend at the Taj last weekend.

Well, the second half of it.  It’s not the amount of money lost; I’ve lost that sum before.  It was the relentless, unidirectional rapidity of the loss. I scooped ZERO kill pots in 12 hours. Zero.  I’m not sure how that’s possible.  Three pair and four pair coming out of every orifice.  An A high flush run down by a straight flush.  Fish who chase every single damn low draw and they get there against me and no one else.

I want to say it was just a bad run but Omaha 8 is supposed to be low variance and here I am getting rocked harder than any 10/20 game I played by average-to-terrible players.  And no one in the posse plays O8, so I’m free to delude myself about my ability
as much as I want.

Anyway, played about 1000 hands on FTP this week and all seems normal.  I’ll give the live game ONE more try.

Are u telling me u laid down a set of queens on that board? U fucking pussy. Even if he’s got a straight u still have 10 outs. Dude, just play 10-20.
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I’m secure enough in my masculinity to admit I went on pussy tilt. If I got the hand in question in a vacuum, I probably play it differently (and I couldn’t have played it worse as we shall see). But in the past half hour at a $1/$2 at the Taj (new puke amber paint, same cruddy atmosphere) I looked liked the table’s Pay Off Wizard, calling off all my chips to a 6-high straight with an A in my hand, and raising my baby flush only to get called by J high diamonds. Instant loss of 1.8 buy-ins.

So it was in this context i squeezed red Queens. In middle position hero raises to $12 and small blind calls.

Chalupa ($300) ? ?
Hero ($340) Q Q
Pot: $26

Flop 7 9♠ Q♣

Beautiful. Top set, no threats, and I need to get paid. Chalupa checks. I check.

Turn K

Chalupa: “$15.”
Hero. “Raise. To $50”
Chalupa: (brief pause) (to dealer) That’s $50? Pause “All-in.”

Simultaneously I’m looking for What Can Beat Me and I quickly fixate on JT because I have no information becuase I checked the flop. Idiot. Ugh. Does he have it does he have it does he have it what are my outs if he does 20% and hey it’s only a $62 dollar loss right now so cut them.

Pussy folds.

Chalupa shows button with whom he’s bonded or whatever K♠. Brilliant. He was slow-playing Kings. Sure he was.

I hoover up a multiway pot about 20 minutes later to recover my losses for the session, but that hand still bugs me. ♠♥♦

That’s it. I’m getting the car Sunday.