"If you break it in half...you don't get two nickels, you get shit."

I spent 12 hours at Foxwoods Saturday. Things went well, but I think I need to move up a level. Spread limit is really bugging me, so enough of this nickel and dime stuff. The low level hands are very give & take. You can’t play too tight or else you miss out on easy money, but, no one else plays tight either so there is always a random suck-out for every stolen pot. Beach reading will be 7CS4AP again. Some of the examples will have more resonance after the Mohegan tournament. I’m still smarting over the raised fours.


[00:30] Playing 4 8. Kickin it old school. Don’t know about this…Half these players are awful. So I’m doomed

[02:00] This game is killing me. I’m getting pocket pairs left and right, flopping sets, and losing. Worse, I’m making correct folds on the turn and the rivers my two out winner. Down 100 but it feels worse. Not tilted but getting that online rigged feeling.

[04:00] Bus is gone I’m here til 4pm. Still minus 100. I got quad tens on a straight flush board! No one had it tho. Back to even.

[05:00] Sick rush. More quads.4 8 broke up, I’m 59 to the good. But with the cards I got I should be a millionaire.

[09:30] Playing 1 5 stud for 4 hours. Down 50. So still up for trip. Not tired. Yet. Coffee time.

Some of those weekday 1-5 players are easy to train. I can get them to fold to me on 3rd w/an ace. But I don’t know about the weekend, or how long you’ve been playing with the same bunch of celery…

[10:30] Mostly the black elderly guy set who seem competent to my untrained stud hi mind. The problem is seat 1 is a call station so you gotta show down. The house coffee here is actually good. I’m in good shape stamina wise.

You’ll do ok against them. They can often be sexist so they try to bluff me sometimes, but you’re not a girl. When you finally crash, go to the Veranda. Everyone raves about their breakfast (all day i think), its so big that its always near-empty looking, and you might be able to catch a Carol Burnett style nap.

[12:30] We probably discussed this. Are you able to make these cheep 60 ladies tournys at 11am? I’m afraid to eat since ill instantly crash after. Cheesecake will happen. If I eat anything it’ll be something omlettey. Bus leaves at 4. I’m winning here now.

Great about the winningness. I am a believer that if you can just stick with it at stud, you can and will win. It’s just when you’re a bus slave like we are that it gets all fouled up. I am goofin’ on facebook and see that Ashley Adams says he’s at Foxhegan all weekend, and asks for ppl to please say hi, so takes a look around, while you’re winning and happy.

[14:00] Well I know what he looks like but I’m not looking beyond the 5 10 for him. Just got dealt all the 9s. You get a picture if I can fill a rack.

You know, this whole dialog makes a purty good blog poast….