Are u telling me u laid down a set of queens on that board? U fucking pussy. Even if he’s got a straight u still have 10 outs. Dude, just play 10-20.
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I’m secure enough in my masculinity to admit I went on pussy tilt. If I got the hand in question in a vacuum, I probably play it differently (and I couldn’t have played it worse as we shall see). But in the past half hour at a $1/$2 at the Taj (new puke amber paint, same cruddy atmosphere) I looked liked the table’s Pay Off Wizard, calling off all my chips to a 6-high straight with an A in my hand, and raising my baby flush only to get called by J high diamonds. Instant loss of 1.8 buy-ins.

So it was in this context i squeezed red Queens. In middle position hero raises to $12 and small blind calls.

Chalupa ($300) ? ?
Hero ($340) Q Q
Pot: $26

Flop 7 9♠ Q♣

Beautiful. Top set, no threats, and I need to get paid. Chalupa checks. I check.

Turn K

Chalupa: “$15.”
Hero. “Raise. To $50”
Chalupa: (brief pause) (to dealer) That’s $50? Pause “All-in.”

Simultaneously I’m looking for What Can Beat Me and I quickly fixate on JT because I have no information becuase I checked the flop. Idiot. Ugh. Does he have it does he have it does he have it what are my outs if he does 20% and hey it’s only a $62 dollar loss right now so cut them.

Pussy folds.

Chalupa shows button with whom he’s bonded or whatever K♠. Brilliant. He was slow-playing Kings. Sure he was.

I hoover up a multiway pot about 20 minutes later to recover my losses for the session, but that hand still bugs me. ♠♥♦


The Problems are an occasional series designed to help you think about your play. As if.

Hand 1
Situation: 2am at a $1/$2 NL game at the Venetian. The tables aren’t packed like they were a few hours ago, so you still have a number of tables to choose from. You choose the table with Russell at it anyway.

Your Hand: A 6

Action to you: You limp, because you’re tired.

Flop: A 6♠ 6♣

Action: Checks to you.

Question: What do you do?

Answer: Check, idiot. No one’s gonna pay you off anyway. Besides the waitress with the glasses is finally bringing back your diet coke.

Action: You check, and so does everyone else. The waitress walks past your table with nary a glance.

Turn: Q♣

Action to you: Euromoney throws out a dime. Russell and Juno both fold.

Question: What do you do?

Answer: You could steam raise, since you’re really thirsty. Most of these guys would chase anyway.

Action: You call. Shortstack and Drunken Fratboy also call. $64 less rake in the pot.

River: 5♣

Action to you: Euromoney bets the pot.

Question: What do you do?

Answer: Whatever you do, don’t just call. One of these POWs will pay you off, and the craps table just went up to $15.

Action: You push all in. The pot’s now about $420. Shortstack calls, as does Drunken Fratboy (he uses $100 bills). Euromoney thinks for awhile, staring at about $900 in the pot.
Seems the only people looking at me are those who folded. I roll my eyes for the audience. Euromoney calls. Two flip over flushes, Russell slaps the table, and I’ve recouped my $1500 buy-in.