At long last I made it down to Mohegan Sun.  I’ve been trying to get there for months, but unlike Foxwoods, a bus doesn’t roll right into my ‘hood for direct service.  So I had to put some effort into it.  As in, 6am effort.  Saw the Saturday night Foxwoods bus returning as I waited in the dark for the #32 to Forest Hills.  But, I found a $50 comp offer for new players in one of the righty-yellow online rags, so I had to give it a shot.  They may still be running the ad,  FYI.

Mohegan is about 30 minutes further than Foxwoods.  I found the orange-y interior to be far more pleasing than the pukey blue-based colors of the Woods.  The earthy theme is consistent throughout, so if these colors put you on insta-tilt, be prepared.  The casino also feels newer, neater, and more loved by its staff than Foxwoods.  There aren’t a zillion dirty ashtrays laying around at Mohegan, and I did not see one passed out hobo or crying gambler.

Mohegan Sun bus lobby, now with 50% fewer dirty ashtrays

And so the poker room.  First of all, it’s not as far as people had me believing.  I was expecting it to take me 30 minutes to get to the room, but it really only takes about 10-15 minutes tops.  If you can navigate a mall, you can find the poker room, assuming you don’t start playing table games, which I couldn’t because the customer service lady didn’t offer me my 2, $25  table bet and instead just loaded me up with the slot comp.  Boo.  BTW the 50 line tiki torch slot cannot be opened up – I proved this.

As usual I played some 7CS.  None of the players fell asleep at the table, so that alone places them as more advanced than FW players.  Everyone was pretty decent and amicable, and had the usual weaknesses of playing too many hands, being stubborn, and drinking 5 cuttysark & cokes in less than an hour.  The lighting in the room is really good, I guess, and they have the mondo big cards, which I like because I’m nearly blind, but some ppl hate those.  I have to say there is something strange about that room too.  Its oval-shaped, its yellow, it has a really high ceiling lined with a bunch of cameras and black junk, and the tournament area is on a stage.  The whole thing reminded me of  a “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me” dream sequence.  I even saw a little person.  It’s not that it’s a bad space, but its weird, and I anticipate having nightmares about it.

What is this?

My stack was cut in half in the first 2 hours because I kept getting junkity junk.  But then I got some full houses and flushes, got ahead, then overbet a flush (K-9 hi) that got beat (K-10 hi) and that kind of queered me, but the day was nearly over anyway.  Meh.   This kicked out flush thing is becoming a problem.  I wish I hadn’t gone native and lost my winnings.  I think it must be the nature of limit games – you’re only going to be able to win so much in a certain amount of time.  When I hit rolled 7’s I probably should have stood up.  Oh well -I’ll get the cadence of it someday.

I had originally planned to eat at the Margaritaville, which is right next to the poker room, but it was pretty crowded and frankly, the crowd looked like a bunch of sad sacks.  So I wandered to the next tequila bar, which was hosting some sort of tasting event.  Moving on, I ended up in some joint near the buffet that was 2 restaurants squished together, an asian noodle place (that has don don noodles for $8 FYI) and an italian seafood place.  I got a decent mussel dish, and an absolutely bizarre mai tai served in a pint glass.  I think the description read “Gosling and gold rums, pineapple and orange juice (!?!), grenadine and a Myers float.”  Ok.  So, a Hurricane pretty much?  Anyway, it was giant, but no crushed ice, no lime, not a mai tai. It had Myers in it at least.

So overall I was pleased with myself for finally getting this damned card and getting up at 5:30 am to hit it.  Now I can play the Monday stud tournaments and see if I can keep up in a live tourney.  Foxwoods will always be the Ellis Island of East Coast degenerates to me, but its nice to have another option.  And another place to collect swizzle sticks from.

Obligitory youtube insert here – “How else could you capture the world, if you don’t attack from the back?”