The damage so far: 1 stained lacoste shirt, prognosis poor but Dawn may save it; a 10 replacement ken cole tee; a 2.75 atm fee; and about an hour lost travel time. As usual, a crazy clueless someone is sitting behind me, calling harrahs and asking random questions of the switchboard. And he’s liable to talk the entire way down. I suck.

Do I Stink?

Do I Stink?

Brutal, brutal weekend at the Taj last weekend.

Well, the second half of it.  It’s not the amount of money lost; I’ve lost that sum before.  It was the relentless, unidirectional rapidity of the loss. I scooped ZERO kill pots in 12 hours. Zero.  I’m not sure how that’s possible.  Three pair and four pair coming out of every orifice.  An A high flush run down by a straight flush.  Fish who chase every single damn low draw and they get there against me and no one else.

I want to say it was just a bad run but Omaha 8 is supposed to be low variance and here I am getting rocked harder than any 10/20 game I played by average-to-terrible players.  And no one in the posse plays O8, so I’m free to delude myself about my ability
as much as I want.

Anyway, played about 1000 hands on FTP this week and all seems normal.  I’ll give the live game ONE more try.

Hitting AC for the weekend. Uneventful (ie good) train ride down.

Atlantic City, or Chechnya

Atlantic City, or Chechnya

Latest sign of the Taj’s active neglect: there’s a soggy spot about 2 foot wide next to the air conditioner. I don’t particularly care since its in the corner and easily avoided, but these guys stopped trying a while ago. Chilling with some 5/10 O8. Ill decide on whether or not to donkament at showboat later.

Are u telling me u laid down a set of queens on that board? U fucking pussy. Even if he’s got a straight u still have 10 outs. Dude, just play 10-20.
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I’m secure enough in my masculinity to admit I went on pussy tilt. If I got the hand in question in a vacuum, I probably play it differently (and I couldn’t have played it worse as we shall see). But in the past half hour at a $1/$2 at the Taj (new puke amber paint, same cruddy atmosphere) I looked liked the table’s Pay Off Wizard, calling off all my chips to a 6-high straight with an A in my hand, and raising my baby flush only to get called by J high diamonds. Instant loss of 1.8 buy-ins.

So it was in this context i squeezed red Queens. In middle position hero raises to $12 and small blind calls.

Chalupa ($300) ? ?
Hero ($340) Q Q
Pot: $26

Flop 7 9♠ Q♣

Beautiful. Top set, no threats, and I need to get paid. Chalupa checks. I check.

Turn K

Chalupa: “$15.”
Hero. “Raise. To $50”
Chalupa: (brief pause) (to dealer) That’s $50? Pause “All-in.”

Simultaneously I’m looking for What Can Beat Me and I quickly fixate on JT because I have no information becuase I checked the flop. Idiot. Ugh. Does he have it does he have it does he have it what are my outs if he does 20% and hey it’s only a $62 dollar loss right now so cut them.

Pussy folds.

Chalupa shows button with whom he’s bonded or whatever K♠. Brilliant. He was slow-playing Kings. Sure he was.

I hoover up a multiway pot about 20 minutes later to recover my losses for the session, but that hand still bugs me. ♠♥♦