In an effort to keep my brother’s blog alive, I’m going to start putting up my own poker-caper posts, and probably the occasional non-sequitur.

I haven’t been playing as long as Chris (who has) unless you count the old Intellivision poker sessions back in the day.  I played 7CS back then, and I primarily play stud now, online and in the Foxwoods dungeon.  I don’t know why I like stud.  Probably something to do with the fact that you get a whole lotta cards (!), I watch Hoarders, and I have a morbid fear of live NLHE suckouts (I hope to overcome that this year).

Don’t expect a lot of tech talk from me.  I brood about live play nuances that may have cost me money, poker room drink selections, and the wacky casino experience.  We may be going to Mohegan Sun this weekend, so wish us luck, even though we don’t believe in it.