Do I Stink?

Do I Stink?

Brutal, brutal weekend at the Taj last weekend.

Well, the second half of it.  It’s not the amount of money lost; I’ve lost that sum before.  It was the relentless, unidirectional rapidity of the loss. I scooped ZERO kill pots in 12 hours. Zero.  I’m not sure how that’s possible.  Three pair and four pair coming out of every orifice.  An A high flush run down by a straight flush.  Fish who chase every single damn low draw and they get there against me and no one else.

I want to say it was just a bad run but Omaha 8 is supposed to be low variance and here I am getting rocked harder than any 10/20 game I played by average-to-terrible players.  And no one in the posse plays O8, so I’m free to delude myself about my ability
as much as I want.

Anyway, played about 1000 hands on FTP this week and all seems normal.  I’ll give the live game ONE more try.