I last until the very, very, end of Day 1, Level 8, when blinds were at 500/1000. No fatal hand especially, just a matter of not growing your chip stack relative to the blinds, which soon leads to picking a spot with which to double up, which soon leads to gimme a hand I can shove with, no matter how speculative.

Some key hands of the tournament:

Omaha This was early, and I probably made the right play but it annoyed me for about an orbit. The first family pot at the the table, and I’m BB so I’m stuck with playing 8-8-T-Q with two — total garbage. Of course I flop the joint, rainbow no less. I bet, middle position raises, cutoff calls, I reraise. The turn pairs the 9. Fuck. Check, check, bet. Now what. I shut down, middle calls. River brings a third heart, 9JK-9-6 . They check it down, and split with the same straight I had. Steam.

Razz Not much to say about this one, but since it was the first hand that took a chunk out of my highwater mark of about 10,000 in chips I’ll mention it: took seventy-six to the river against seventy-five, and I pretty much knew he had it, but we both made on fifth street so I had to pay him off. Fucking razz.

Stud I don’t lose all of these. Was able to limp into a four-way with split 5s. Fourth street brings a third five. I make it two bets. One caller. Continue to bet out, villain raises me one time, and on seventh street puts me all in, which is great because I just filled up, pairing my fifth street 4. He had kings up the whole time so I was always ahead.

Stud8 rolled up 5s — something about 5s this tournament — which is beautiful because a shortish stack takes a shot since he’s thinks he’s pretty good for hi with KKx, and it sure looks I’m betting the low. we flip on fifth street and he sees the bad news.

Hold ’em I can’t remember any hold’em hands of mine worth discussing — I think I squeezed kings once, but got no action. Kid Poker — I got moved to his table around 2AM to watch him play about five hands — made a good hold’em read, even in defeat: on a K 6 3 two board, he doesnt put opponent on the King, so he thinks at worst he has overs. turns out opp was on a flush draw and KP was actually ahead, but the flush came.

Here’s the hand I when down in flames with — pretty ordinary omaha-wise.

Me: A A♣ 6 Q
Him: A♠ 2 T♠ 5

Board Q♠ 7♣ 4♠ – T – 3♠

Frankly I never saw the flush, I was too focused on my AA holding up for a split.

So, a 220th finish out of 770 runners. Winnings, nil. Not an overwhelming experience though. Can’t wait for another chance.  ♠♥♦