I went from 6400 to 9500 to 2500 to 5700 at the break. Going to war with your hand at this point costs you half your stack when you lose. Uncomfortable. Cyndy Violette and Jean-Robert Bellande now at my table. Say what you want about HORSE, there’s a lot of star power here, not donk-on-donk violence a la NLHE.

The retiree to my right who is pretty good has about 22k now. He also crippled me in a hand of razz. Bet call bet call bet call and suddenly you’re down to 2500.

But then stud to the rescue. Split 5s and I get to see 4th street cheap. Its another 5 and everyone leaves except one donkish player who proceeds to call every street. helpful.

Something about me and 5s tonight.blinds are gonna be 200 400 next. Half the field busted out 400 of 770 left.